How to Order Multiple Items at One Time

If you'd like to order multiple items in one order (such as shirts for an entire bridal party), here's the best way:


1. Go to the listing you'd like to purchase from. (For example, our Classic Oxford Shirt) Start by adding the size, color, and quantity that you'll need to your shopping cart. This may be a quantity of 4, size small, color white. Then, you'll see these items in your cart.

2. Click on the photo of the shirt listing in your shopping cart to go back to that original listing where you just were. Now, you'll be able to add the next group of shirts you need. For example, a quantity of 2, size medium, color blue.

3. Continue to repeat these steps until you have all shirts or items needed in your shopping cart. You will see that the total is automatically calculated as well as the shipping costs. (Note: We refund any extreme shipping costs that are not used when actually mailing your order!)

4. Once back in your shopping cart, you will see a text box at the bottom of the page after all of the items in your cart. This will be where you can type a note about everything I'll need in order to complete your order. Always remember the following:

     - Monogram Font  

     - Thread Color for Embroidery

     - Initials in the exact order you'd like them embroidered. Remember: A traditional monogram has the person's last name as the center/larger letter! For example, Jane Marie Smith would be listed as JSM so that I'll be totally clear on what letter needs to be that center/larger letter.

5. If you have a coupon code from our shop for a certain percentage off, you will enter that at this time as well. You'll see under the "PayPal" payment option on the right side of your screen, it will say "Apply shop coupon code." Click on those words in blue, and then proceed to enter your coupon code.

6. Once all information is typed in, you can proceed to checkout through either PayPal or credit card/Etsy gift card.


If you have any questions, be sure to send an Etsy convo to me! Thanks so much!



Fine Thread Art LLC