Here are some frequently asked questions that can help you along when ordering from Fine Thread Art:


- What is the current turnaround time?

Up to 3 weeks from time time of payment until the time of shipment for all personalized items, unless otherwise specifically noted on your order. Sometimes, we do take the full 3 weeks, depending on our workload and the time of year (holiday season and early summer are always busiest!). We do get orders out earlier at times, and we definitely would like to try to accommodate your request if you need it by a specific date. Please e-mail or message us on Facebook before ordering if you'd like to see if you can get an order early.


- How is a traditional monogram written?

Generally, a monogram will be listed as the first name, last name, then middle or maiden name. For example, Jane Elizabeth Doe will be embroidered as JDE with the "D" larger and in the center of the monogram. It's easiest to list this as jDe to avoid all confusion when you're typing a message with your monogram information.  (Men's monograms can be done this way or just with their three initials in order and all the same size. For example, John Mark Doe as JMD, embroidered all the same size from left to right.)


- I live in the area. Do you offer pick-up or delivery services?

No, I do not offer either pick-up or delivery in person. I do not operate out of a public storefront. I mail all orders through either the US postal service or, rarely, UPS. Shipping costs start at $3.95, depending on weight and distance the package will travel.


- Do you offer returns on monogrammed or personalized items?

No, all sales are final on personalized items. I try to offer as much information as possible in all listings as far as colors, sizing, etc., so I cannot accept returns on items if a description was not fully read. If you have any questions, please contact me before placing the order so that I can clear up as much information as possible.


- Do you offer rush shipping on my order?

It all depends on the amount of work I already have in line. Please contact me via e-mail (jamie.dronet(a)finethreadart.com) or send a message on our facebook page (www.facebook.com/finethreadart) to check with me BEFORE placing an order. I'll let you know then whether or not I can fit in an early order! Rush fees start at $15 depending on the amount of items that need to be embroidered and the shipping costs that will have to be added. Otherwise, I try to be fair to each customer by embroidering items in the exact order that they come in.


- What if my monogram is incorrect when I receive my item?

If a monogram is embroidered incorrectly after I've received clear and correct instructions, I will absolutely replace your item with the correct lettering! If the wrong initials were sent to me and then embroidered without an alert of the mistake before embroidering, I cannot replace the item, but we can work together at a discounted rate to get your replacement sent.


- Do you offer bulk discounts?

For any item that is listed in my online shops, I offer a 10% discount on 8 or more of the same items ordered even if the monograms are different. (For example, 8 or more oxford shirts for a wedding party.) Please contact me prior to your order to obtain a coupon code that can be used to automatically take this discount out when checking out!


- Do you offer custom embroidery of items that I bring in... for example, a school backpack?

If you'd like a personal item embroidered, it would have to be mailed to me. Embroidery charges start at $15, even for a simple name or initials. I have to be extra careful not to damage your personal item because I have no way of replacing it if something happens! Then, I would charge return shipping as well. I know that it's much easier and more cost-efficient to bring your own items to a local walk-in storefront embroidery shop, so I encourage customers to do that instead to be fair to you as well as supporting our local community businesses!


- Can you embroider things like Disney, Mickey Mouse,  LSU, Sportsman Fleur de Lis, etc?

No, embroidering licensed logos is illegal unless an embroidery shop is specifically granted permission and a licensing agreement by the corporation that owns those logos. I do not embroider any licensed logos like Disney, schools, sports teams, or even sorority letters because these must also be registered with the Greek Licensing Board. It is wrong and against the law to use other organizations' property without their consent.


- Do you embroider large orders for businesses or offer custom logo embroidery?

In general, I try to refer customers to larger embroidery and screen printing businesses for these types of orders. They have much more man power and equipment to be able to handle these jobs than I do! I'll be more than happy to send a quote for bulk orders of this nature, but please understand that the turnaround could be between 4-6 weeks to allow enough time for me to get your order completely correct and in production. Bulk orders of over $300.00 will also require a 50% deposit before work begins. If you have an inquiry, please send it to jamie.dronet{a}finethreadart.com. Try to include a general idea of what you'd like (quantity, color, size, etc.) as well as a graphic file of your logo. 


- What is the easiest way to contact you about an order or question I may have?

E-mail or Facebook messaging on our business page are always the best options. It's an easy way to keep track of all info that phone calls and taking notes may miss... especially when dealing with getting things correct as far as names and initials!! E-mail me at jamie.dronet{a}finethreadart.com. If you've already placed an order, please be sure to include your order date and order number either in the subject or body of the e-mail for me to quickly reference it.


- Can I get a name or word embroidered instead of a monogram?

Sure! Here's a font chart for you to choose from. You can add a note to your order that you'd prefer one of these fonts to the 3-letter monogram fonts that may be listed on the item in my store.


Any other questions? Just let me know!





Fine Thread Art