Fall... Is That You??

Posted on October 02, 2013 by Jamie Dronet

Happy October, friends!


Is it just me, or is this year flying by at break-neck speeds? I really feel like it was just Christmas of LAST year. Time flies when you're busy, I guess. After the total craziness of last year's holiday season, it really has me trying to think of more efficient ways to handle this year's Christmas season. One thing that I've been doing is slowly stocking up on products that I know will make great, easy gifts. I know this may seem like a no-brainer, but I have limited space where I work now in my home office. So, I can't keep lots of sizes and colors in clothing because my customers buy such a huge variety of items! I'm going the opposite way and stocking up on bags, scarves, hats, koozies, etc. This helps you as well because you won't have to guesstimate what size your giftee will need (always stressful!!). I've also got a few super, super cute toiletry bags for guys... perfect for your dad or that uncle who you can't quite ever figure out what to buy for him. More pics of that to come... ;)


My goal is to get allllll of these good things up and ready to sell in the month of October so that you have plenty of time to shop before Christmas. I've pretty much famous for starting my Christmas shopping in, ohhh... August?? People think I'm crazy when I say that, but my thoughts are start early, spread your budget, and shop smart! I keep one designated box or large rubbermaid container for Christmas gifts. If I see something online or at a store that could work for someone on my list, I pick it up then and there. Then, as soon as I get home, it goes right into the Christmas gift bin. I've tried to do this without the container, and I forget where I put gifts!! So, if you're a bit forgetful like I am... get the container. Trust me. I also try to group things together for people that I'm shopping for so that it's easy to see exactly what's in there just by taking a quick look. It really helps budget-wise as well. No matter how much I try to plan for costs around the holidays, there will always be that extra get-together or baking supply (they add up!!) or someone that I may have forgotten to get something for. So, it makes me feel better knowing that my costs have been spread out between 3 or 4 months rather than one big hit financially in December. Plus, let's not forget the crazy crowds in every. single. store. closer to the holidays.


Here's a quick peek of things to come this month...


I hope to see you back for your holiday shopping... or just shopping for yourself. I won't tell anyone! ;)


Much love,



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